Irish Vodka - leprechaun livener or bog water?

One day car insurance site may be the best car insurance website in the universe (yes you're right, I was involved it it's design) but there is more to the joys of life than geekery. Being of Irish extraction - on my mother's side, I got most of my best characteristics from her - it was only natural that I should fancy a trip over the waters to Dublin to sample some of the local brews, just in the nature of a scientific experiment, you understand. Now we all know that Beamish is probably the finest beer in the world and a true product of the Emerald Isles and Guiness, that black ambrosia of the Gods, is as Irish as a leprechaun. But did I expect to find an Irish VODKA? Not only Irish, but named after the first and greatest King of all Ireland?

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I was reminded of Vladivar vodka which comes from, no not Russia, but Warrington in Lancashire. A great advertising campaign that claimed that it's true source was the VSSR (Varrington Supreme Socialist Republic! What will they think of next) did nothing to disguise the fact that, compared to Stolichnaya, it tasted like something that had been filtered through the kidneys of a rather sick old horse. I wouldn't suggest that Boru was that bad when tasted neat, but compared to Stoli Gold, GG, and other premium vodkas it tasted to me to be a little on the, shall I say, uneven side; certainly pretty rough for something reputed to be made of 100-million year old glacier water which was filtered through six miles of volcanic charcoal, or whatever the admen are claiming for it now. Mixed with the usual additives it tasted OK I suppose but what is the point of buying a pricey splash of pure clean alcohol if it's going to be drowned in some gooey flavoured concoction? Like everything else it's all a matter of individual taste I suppose, but it's an experience I'll skip next time, thank you very much. But now, that cold Guinness I drank on a warm Summer's afternoon in County Clare, that is something else ........

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